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Short Sales

Even High Value Property Can be Underwater in this Depressed Market

Do Not Let the Bank Foreclose

The Anatomy of the Short Sale

There are over 1,000 Foreclosures in Pinellas County each month and more to come in the new year. 

Homeowners in financial distress should avoid Foreclosure at all costs.  The current administration hype about loan modification is just that “hype”.  Only 4% have been approved.  Your bank does not care about you or your situation.  The government keeps handing the banks money.  The money is not going to help you, it goes to line the pockets of the wall street “big boys”.

Your government is helping your Bank take your home away while eliminating the middle class.  Have you noticed what is going on?

The Only Solution for you Could be the Short Sale

Short Sale means the Bank accepts less than what you owe them on your mortgage. The advantage to the underwater homeowner with a Short Sale is, your mortgage file is marked “Satisfied as Agreed”.  Your bank can not pursue you for a deficiency judgment.  If the bank Forecloses, they can pursue you for a deficiency judgment: the amount you owe minus the net proceeds when the bank sells your property as an REO.  They will attach all your assets and make your life miserable.

Latest News: Bank can go after assets on Mortgage Default

We are Short Sale experts ready to advise you on the entire Short Sale process.  There is no cost to you.

Take Control. Do Not Let the Bank Foreclose, Take Action, Stop Foreclosure

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