The locals call it living in paradise. Clearwater Beach located on the Gulf of Mexico has transformed into a worldwide resort destination. Unlike many beach towns that developed haphazardly, the city fathers 15 years ago, had the vision along with world renowned architects and designers, to create a plan “Beach by Design”. The concept was to create the # 1 beach town in the country to be enjoyed by its residents and visitors from around the globe.

Living in Clearwater Beach is exciting and adventurous for its residents in our lush tropical enviroment. Plenty to do all the time. It is like a little beach city that never sleeps. Use your imagination, anything you can think of, both excitement and relaxation you will find in Clearwater Beach.

The economics in the beach are excellent. In 2014 tourism revenue approached $900 million. By early 2017 visitors will pore close to two billion into the local economy. Over 1200 new first class hotel units are currently being built including the Twin Tower,  5 star Wyndham Grand. This facility is scheduled to open the end of 2016 and features a convention center to attract big spending corporate visitors.

All this positive energy will cause Real Estate values to increase based on the theory of Supply and Demand. Clearwater Beach is not only one of the best places in the world to live, but also makes for an exceptional Real Estate investment second to none. Regency Luxury Homes will find your ideal residence and negotiate the very best deal for you.

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